On Track Health was founded to support women who recognise the importance and need to focus on their health and wellbeing.

We take a novel approach to help women improve their health, stepping away from the traditional classroom scene for learning and going outdoors to the trails, an environment conducive to your health. It is a fun and active day of learning that concentrates on three health-promoting lifestyle behaviours: exercising, healthy eating and engaging with nature. We provide a safe and supportive environment where women can socially connect with other like-minded women while gaining the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to support them on their journey to a healthier life.

Taking care of our environment is also important to us and we respect and endorse the New Zealand environmental care code of “Leave No Trace”. We hope that by sharing our sound knowledge of the local history of the area and its flora and fauna, that we will foster a lifelong desire in you to care for our natural environments.

The Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours We Focus On

Healthy Eating

We strongly believe and practise in our daily lives sustainable eating to support long term health. During the day we will discuss what constitutes a healthy balanced diet (food, fluid, and nutrient intakes) along with eating to support your hiking or other fitness adventures/physical activities.

Our goal is for you to go away with a basic knowledge, understanding, and skills to take charge of your daily eating habits.

Enagaging with nature for health

Connecting with Nature

We value nature as a place of healing and personal growth and see the natural environment as a fundamental resource for health and wellbeing. We will help raise your awareness and appreciation of nature, and to connect with nature so you can experience first-hand the relaxing and restorative benefits it has to offer.

We hope its strong positive effect has you go away from the day feeling refreshed, inspired, and empowered.

Day hikes for females only


We know that regular exercise influences how well we feel and how long we live. Our hiking adventures promote physical fitness and include endurance, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. What we share with you during the day will give you the knowledge and an appreciation of what it means as a women to be physically fit. We want you to have the confidence and motivation to incorporate all  facets of physical fitness into your daily life.

Ladies day hikes for health

Social Connections

When we socially connect with one another in a respectful, comfortable, and effective manner it positively influences the health of our mind. We love to witness and be a part of the wonderful energy that radiates when a group of like-minded women go on an adventure together. We laugh and have fun together, we support each other, and we realise that no matter our background we all have something of value to contribute to the day. There is a wonderful sense of kinship that develops from the sharing of these experiences.

Womens's group hikes

Our Team

We are a professional group of women with a love for the outdoors and hiking. We are committed to helping you get "on track" to better health. Our team all have tertiary qualifications relevant to health and wellness and will share with you up to date scientific evidence on exercise, nutrition, and engaging with nature.

Walks for wellbeing

Hi, I’m Zoe

...and the founder of On Track Health.

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about exercising, eating a healthy diet and being in and connecting with nature. These lifestyle behaviours are a way of life for me. They naturally complement one another to support my health and wellbeing, they make me happy and help me lead a life I love.

In my late 40s I realised I wanted to find a way to inspire and help other women who recognised the need and wanted to improve their health and wellbeing. I stepped back from my 20 year plus career as a landscaper and enrolled at University to gain the professional qualifications and expertise to back up a lifetime of personal experience and knowledge. I graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, and a Master of Health, Sport, and Human Performance (Hons). From there it was a matter of planning, time, and effort to put my aspirations into reality and launch On Track Health.

Away from On Track Health my time is spent pursuing my strong interest in nutrition, staying actively involved in conservation projects, and being out in nature where I am at my happiest. I love to go trail running, hiking, and ocean kayaking, spending time in my garden or just relaxing on the beach.

I have a fantastic family and three grown up children who are still keen to come on hiking adventures with me. Sharing an adventure together whether with family or friends, is always a special time.

I hope I have the opportunity to support you on your personal journey to health.

Day treks for women's wellness

Hi, I'm Tessa

Since my early teens I have been extremely passionate about health and wellbeing being a keen runner, hiker, and gym enthusiast.

I have a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation where I focused my studies on exercise science, nutrition, and management. I have worked in the sports event management industry as well as in gyms.  I recently lived overseas and spent a lot of time hiking in Canada and South America. I now love being back in NZ and enjoying the beautiful tracks that NZ has to offer.  My passion for health and nutrition has recently led me to own and manage a market garden where I grow and provide fresh produce to my local community.

I view health holistically and I love the way On Track Health uses getting out on the trails as a gateway to educate others in all aspects of health.

Ladies walking adventures

I look forward to seeing you out on track, supporting you and working with you on your health goals.

Womens holistic health

Hi I’m Holly

I am super excited to be a part of the On Track Health team.

Being outdoors, enjoying nature and covering the landscape with only my two feet has always been an important and joyful part of my life. I am proud to have three Ironman finishes, and multiple running and ultra-running races under my belt.

Following my passion for physical movement, I studied and completed a Postgraduate Certificate and Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science. My years of study and scientific research confirmed my belief that we are meant to move and nourish our bodies, and importantly that this is very personal and unique for each individual.

I also genuinely believe that physical movement and other supportive health practices provide us with a wonderful opportunity to go within and deepen our connection with the present moment and importantly, our being in the moment.

The work I do is to support and guide others in developing and integrating their own unique meditative, mindful, heart-centered, and self-inquiry techniques into their physical movement and other supportive health practices.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your own incredible health and wellness journey.

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