Women on a hiking adventure

Wharauroa and Mahaukura Lookouts

Spectacular views and an amazing experience.
You couldn’t help but be fully engaged with the natural environment.
I came away from the day feeling totally recharged.


Adventure with fitness and health

Karangahake Gorge Walk

True to its description this walk has a little bit of everything.
Our guide was great and the information she shared over the course of the day has motivated me to take charge of my health.


womens health retreat

Wentworth Valley Falls

I went on one of my sister Zoe's walks a couple of days ago. I was a bit sceptical because although we enjoy a pretty special relationship, she is my sister and we don't always see eye to eye! So it's great to be able to say we had a fantastic day immersed in beautiful bush, the sound of a clear stream running beside us while we learnt, laughed and walked.

Best of all it was such an excellent alternative to seminars I've attended in the past. The ones where I'm glancing at the time on my cell phone, calculating how long till the next break. The ones where my bum goes numb and I zone out after lunch when the air conditioning gets too hot. By contrast, at the end of this day, I felt refreshed and had gained really interesting and relevant knowledge. Armed with my new knowledge I'm now determined to use at least some of it, to make some easy healthy changes. I'm really keen to discover just how much better I can feel!

Thanks Zoe


outdoor health seminar

Wentworth Valley Falls

What a surprisingly different way of learning about health, nutrition habits and fitness - instead of sitting in a classroom or in front of a screen - and all while enjoying a great walk and meeting lovely people. Zoe's amazing knowledgeable and patience answering all our questions was much appreciated. I thought I already knew the basic facts, but leaned so much more. We also had plenty of time to rest and enjoy the views, so on our return everybody was in high spirits and pledged to do this again.

Loved the walk and already booked my next one - thank you so much Zoe!


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